dressing up

Halloween is upon us. Mason and I were at Tristan's school this morning to watch the costume parade and in a few minutes I am going back up to help with the class party.

All of this being a parent during a holiday at school causes me to think a lot about my mom and dad when I was a child.

I can remember in 5th grade parents coming to school all dressed up to play games with my class. I can remember they had masks on and so you couldn't tell who they were. I don't recall them speaking either.

Apparently they were my parents. And their disguise was so good that I had NO idea it was them.

As the story goes, that upset my mother. She didn't like the fact that she had "pulled the wool over my eyes" and she also didn't want to come right out and tell me it was them as she didn't want to embarrass me. So she left the costumes in the back of the car that day so that I would see them and figure them out for myself.

In stories like that I am reminded that my mother was PURPOSEFUL in her decisions for me and she never faltered in putting me first (even when she was ill). My aim is to be that intentional with my boys, always thinking of the best ways to go about something.

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