My secret project revealed!

I wrote a book!

For over two years I search for a book that honestly explained the origins and story of Santa that I could read to Braden. I couldn't find a single one. Most of them mix lore and legend with scarce facts in an attempt to force the ending of the story.

I felt like he had so many books that we read about the pretend Santa up at the North Pole with the elves and reindeer but no books that discussed the real story, the truth. And none of the books we read ever discussed the fact that Santa was pretend.... and that it is okay to play pretend.

As parents we walk the fine line of being completely honest with our children and at the same time desiring to foster the magic of Christmas in our little ones. I hope this book helps open a dialogue between parents and children to decide for... themselves how ‘real’ Santa is, allowing for straight talk with your own child and gives you permission to pretend and play along with our ‘imaginary friend’ Santa Claus.

So Many Santas lays out the bare facts and encourages exploration of the story Santa. Read about St Nicholas the Christian bishop, about the elf gift bringer of Holland, the Clemet Clark Moore poem and how Thomas Nast shaped our view of our modern Santa.

This book can be read by all families of all faiths.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh Julia!! You are amazing! That is wonderful, CONGRATS!!


Laura said...

That is awesome, Julia! I would love to read your book!