the sun came up again

So, as each day goes by and the world doesn't collapse on itself and the property manager doesn't come by with a sawed off shot gun (or worse) a lawyer... the sinking feeling in my stomach eases up a bit. I am so relishing getting out of this house and out from under this atmosphere of disdain and control. This whole renting experience has been completely different than any other I've had. It seems like both the owner and the manager are in it for the money and could care less about how THEY left the state of the house. And at the same time they seem quite preoccupied with how we are treating the house. Breathing down our necks, chastising and judging... I feel so nervous with every step in the house... worried that I am going to scratch a wall, chip paint or damage a floor. Even though the paint is chipping and the floor is damaged. It's worse than moving back into your parents house after you graduate .... I am really dreading the moving out inspection... have to meet with the manager face to face. She terrifies me!

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Leah said...

Have Mason there. And you're Julia Stewart. Don't let her scare you. Don't! You're amazing,