pleasant valley sunday

this new house, this new street, these new cars driving by
seems all very grown up, very mature
very conservative

this is not my beautiful house?
it can't be

how did i get here?
waving at the neighbors mowing their lawn

do they know i eat tofu
do they know i have tattoos

maybe it's my mini van
that allows me to pass unnoticed

it could be the air force sticker attached to the bumper
that eases peoples minds

this new landscape of peaks and valleys
pulling at my identity

which one i am?
who should i be?


WillW said...

Pleasant Valley is where I grew up. W lived on El Dorado (drive/street, I don't remember). Are y'all close to that?
-Will W.

Julia Stewart said...

No - I was referencing a Monkees song Pleasant Valley Sunday - in which he sings "here in Status Symbol Land"

It was my ill attempt to express the duality I feel about living in such a conservative neighborhood (and quite close to the VERY wealthy ones). That my outside habitat doesn't match with the inside of me.

Lisa (the girls' moma) said...

Hey -- feeling like a misfit? I feel that way every. single. day.

Love you, girl.