a new friend

I had my first real friend date today. My neighbor Carol and I decided to take the children downtown to eat and walk along the river and play in the park. We loaded up my mini -van with Braden 6 Ella 4 1/2 Tristan 2 1/2 and Wylie 15 months. We drove down to the main drag right by the river. We wanted to go this little 50's dinner burger joint, but it was closed so we opted for the pizza place right next door. After what seemed like a forever long wait (any wait seems forever long with 4 kids) the most delicious pizza arrived.

After dinner we walked down to the park near the rivers edge. The playground there was literally carved out of the earth and rock. There were tunnels and bridges and slides with stone stairs and all these fun little hideaways built right in and around the rock hill.

Carol and I chatted easily. I seem to be able to make her laugh and that makes me feel good. She seems to trust me and respect where I am coming from. We had a great conversation while walking around the park.

Her little girl will be going to Braden's school next year. She is just a grade below him. I think Carol and I will be spending a lot of time together during our stay here in Little Rock, and that is alright by me!

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