it takes a village

Monday and Tuesday the packers were in Abilene packing up the apartment. In the early afternoon on Tuesday Mason called to tell me the packers could deliver the our stuff the next day!

This was wonderful awesome news, and yet it caught me completely off guard. In 10 years with the Air Force I had never heard of this happening....

"Bring it on" I said with confidence. However, inside I wasn't quite ready for the barrage of stuff. I had just finished cleaning and scrubbing and unpacking and putting away with the first round.

But, on Wednesday at 9:30am it was go time! I had enlisted my new friend Carol to help watch Braden, but it turned out to be that everyone kinda watched everyone for me. At one point Carol and I were in the living room unpacking boxes of books and I hollered out to the moving guys "Hey! How are the kids" he yells back "They are doing great! I'll keep my eye on them."

We unpacked all but 1 or 2 boxes. All of that stuff unpacked and kinda put away. All those cardboard boxes with ALL THAT PAPER were hauled off. I couldn't have done it alone. I needed Carol and the movers and the painter who showed up for an hour or so... we were a great team!

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