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The interviews have begun. After putting Chloe on Craigslist I got a few emails with offers to adopt her. All of them have seemed legit except one... so that is a good sign.

They email - I ask for their phone number - chat a bit and then set up a meeting at their place - so they can meet Chloe and I can see where she'd be living.

What I find most amusing is that every one's first question is "She's house broken... right?" I'm like, um yeah she's 7 years old - of course she's housebroken.... No mention of what her personality is like... one guy asked if she had a collar and leash - like he was worried about shelling out some dollars for a new one.

It feels weired to be doing all this. I feel like I have dropped the ball with her. Like I am bailing on a commitment I made so long ago.

I don't know how breeders do it. How they give their puppies away to complete strangers.

I explained to Braden today that Chloe couldn't come with us to Little Rock. He asked a few more questions and then said "maybe we could give the other dog a way and just get a fish when we move..." um, okay...

Chloe is not the best interview. She gets all excited about being in a new environment - running in circles sniffing everything - her hair flying all over the place - she sheds when she gets nervous. My calm girl turns into a whirling dervish in front of prospective parents... ugh!

I have a few friends helping me. My top choice is my friends sister.... Lab people....I wouldn't have to worry a bit. I haven't heard back from her yet.... I am trying to give them some space and time to make a decision.

No one has felt 'right' yet. I know I'll know it when I see it... until then I keep trying to tell myself that I am not a failure or that this isn't really the easy way out. They keep telling me she's just a dog.... I am not convinced.

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