Famous People in NYC

I know I am a bit behind with this post. After my awesome weekend in NYC I came home to my computer being sick with a virus. I have spent the last two weeks fighting it... I even broke down called the Geek Squad... Then (as I mentioned) I was off to Little Rock to secure a house and then Mason left for a few days... so yeah I have been busy... So here we go!

One of the top priorities of my NYC trip was to go to a comedy club. A real good no kidding comedy club that I had seen in the Seinfeld movie Comedian. A little dive with small tables and hilarious people. The Comic Strip fit the bill perfectly. There were 4 comics and one MC (who did his bit between the acts). Everyone was great. And afterward I got to meet a few of the guys. They both were super nice an I got to chat with them for a bit.

This is me and Rob Magnotti... OMG I was falling out of my chair with his impressions. He was dead on! His level of skill was amazing. He did the best Nicholas Cage impression I have ever seen... he was extremely nuanced - never more so than when he did Bruno from Dancing with the Stars. He deserved a standing O just for that alone. I don' know how many other guests that night had watched every season every episode of that show.... but I have and with my eyes closed I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. Bill Cosby and Ray's brother Robert were awesome too. After the show we got to talking. He told me he was in A Beautiful Mind with Russel Crowe .... NICE! I asked him if I could blog about him and he said sure... and handed me a card. I said thanks and that I would just scan it and post it as a little advertisement.... He hesitated for a moment and said - well my cell phone number is on it.... I laughed and said "okay, never mind..." He gave me his number!!!
You can check out his website at http://www.robmagnotti.com/ What I love about his website is that he has pictures of himself with other BIGGER named actors.... like Stephen Colbert says... you got to pass the bracelet on to someone more famous!

This is me and the MC Ray Ellin. I specifically wanted to meet Ray because he called me out on a little banter back and forth about Quakers and doctors to which I got to 'play' the bad guy. He did an amazing job dealing with this 13 year old we had in the audience that night on top of being extremely funny... Plus he was a pretty nice guy! For more of what Ray does check out http://www.dailycomedy.com/
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