Heaving Breathing

A few nights ago some guy cranked called me. Normally I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but he said my name.

That shook me.

J: Hello?
G: Hey, Julia?
J: Yes?
G: Hey what's goin' on?
J: Who is this?
G: You know who this is...
J: Oh yeah... how are you... I am so glad you called because I have been meaning to tell you that I heard back from the clinic with my test results. They tell me I have herpes.
G: Oh, that sucks to be you...
J: Well, I just thought you should go get tested too....
Guy hangs up quickly

Even though I called his bluff I am totally freaked out that he called me by name.
I sit for a while trying to figure out what I should do. His phone number did not come up on my caller ID.... but I *69 anyway... just to see what would happen. And lo and behold it rang ! Without giving me the number it just connected me automatically!

G: Hello?
J: Hey baby it's me.... why did you hang up on me?
Guy hangs up again

I win :-)

After all this I hit *57. Which puts a trace on the call. Meaning that if he calls again I can hit * 57 and it records the number at the phone company, so that I can take the record to the police if I have to.

But so far, I haven't heard from him again.... GO HERPES!!!

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the girls' moma said...

OMG, that is awesome. Such quick thinking!

But yes, that is unnerving that he said your name.