5 days in the dark

The wind was so strong the past few days that every leaf in Abilene has blown into the apartment entrance way. During the move of the large items on Thursday morning we almost lost the TV hutch off the dolly.

The move has not been particularly hard... just repetitive. I am amazed at the amount of junk we own. Even after 5 years of yard sales we still have mounds and mounds of junk and stuff.

Junk and stuff... and each piece has to find a new place ...in the new place. That was the toughest part... trying to find where everything goes. Not everything fit, so some stuff got brought back to the house for storage. I am still trying to find my groove in the new kitchen... the counter space leaves little to be desired. And there is no microwave... so, yeah....

About 90% of the move is done, we even have pictures on the wall here in the apartment. Every night Mason and I flop into bed exhausted and sore.

And now.... we have INTERNET!!! It only took 5 days and multiple phone calls. I won't even begin to tell the story... just imagine everything that could have gone wrong... did!

And still... no orders... oh, well.

It has been 4 nights in the new pad. The first night what I noticed the most were the new sounds. The water in the pipes, the children's feet on the stairs, the screen door slam... they sounded so foreign. My body felt like it didn't fit in the hallway, or the stairway quite right.

But being here in the new place, somehow I feel lighter, like all my bad habits have released me from their grip. Maybe it is the new place, or the new leaves on the trees... but things feel brighter amidst all the chaos!

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Julie said...

did you get orders? js