he's just not that into you

I saw the movie last week with some friends. It was a pretty good movie as far as chick flicks go. It struck a chord with some of us.

The opening scene got me thinking. A little girl playing on the play ground is approached by a little boy. He insults her, calling her names and shoves her to the ground. The girl runs crying to her mother asking why on earth would someone say that to her. The mother replies "because he likes you." And this is where the movie and the problems begin.

It's true. We are told our whole childhood that boys who are mean to us like us. That when the punch or act like jerks it is because they don't know any other way to behave. We are told that boys only want one thing from us, and that one thing is bad and dirty. Essentially we are told, "don't expect too much from a man... he won't be able to deliver". And we buy it. We truly believe that men are supposed to be dumb brutes with no ability to articulate their feelings, who don't notice the little things we do and that we should just be grateful that we got one that doesn't beat us...

It's not the Disney princess stories that hurt our girls.... it's all the other junk we tell them.

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writeslikeagirl said...

That was the stoy of my whole married life. A friend of mine came crying to me about her own husband, she is trying to decide whether to stay or go, and she asked me: Are they all like this? If I leave I am I just going to find the next one is no better. Men are sold this bill of goods too it seems and so they don't expect any better of themselves. Not my son. I expect him to be nice.