different girls

a little note left behind from the weekend... the weekend of the girls!

It was somewhere between the 4:30am bedtime on Friday (after wine and lap top surfing) and the singing hymns at church on Sunday that I realized something. Here were Julia S and Lisa W walking along side each other ... just as we had done before some 5 odd years ago... but something was different.

EVERYTHING was different.

Our brief friendship so long ago would not recognize us now. That was middle school... this is college. We know and understand ourselves so much better now. That is what comes from being broken. Here were essentially two strangers that knew so much of the heart of the other. It picks up right where it leaves off everytime.

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the girls' moma said...

Thank you for writing this. And yes, I left the heart on the mirror. I used my new eyeliner from Hot Topic to draw it. Awesome!