loud and clear

A recurring message being bounced around my universe for the past few days is echoing in my head:

"You are just fine where you are... you are fine with WHO you are. There is no need to push against your reality. To be angry with your situation. To want and hope endlessly for more or different. You are you. And you are where you are. That is it. And that is perfectly fine."

Do the best you can with what you are dealing with now. Time will pass and circumstances will change all on their own and 6 months from now you will not be dealing with these same issues, problems and struggles . BUT you must learn to let go of your anger, fear and desire for the 'more or different'. If not, than no matter what your life brings you - you will be just as unsatisfied as you are today.

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AMANDA said...

I feel as though you are speaking to me. Thanks for the great conversation the other day. I appreciate and cherish your friendship SO much!