always something there to remind me

I posted this over at my MOPS blog... but I wanted to share it here too.

When someone you love dies. You get plucked out of your life, your reality and placed in the middle of a vast ocean of grief and sadness in a tiny boat.... during a storm. Rain pelts your face, wind rips through you, chilling you to the bone. Huge waves come from nowhere and crash down upon you, You can’t see your hand in front of your face, you can’t see the island just a few yards away, you can’t see the rescue boat that is headed your way,. You are blind.

Eventually the storm subsides, but the wind and waves remain. You can’t feel warmth or comfort and every once in a while another huge wave crashes down upon you from behind and knocks you out of the boat and you feel like you might drown.

But, over time the wind settles down to a light breeze... just enough to need a jacket.... just enough to remind you that it is still there. And you become aware of when a wave is brewing in the distance and you can brace yourself for the crash.

But you are forever linked to that ocean. Even when you find land you know the ocean is right there, right behind you... so you grab your jacket to keep you warm.

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