filling up the day

Today is our SECOND weather day here in Abilene. School is cancelled. Yesterdays was kinda fun because the base was closed too and Mason didn't have to go to work. But today that is not the case... plus I have a doctors appointment so at some point I have to go out into the world.

I hesitate to say SNOW day because we don't have any snow, we really don't have ANY precipitation... it's just really cold. Well, really cold for Abilene. And since our houses are poorly insulated and we don't really have proper winter clothes it really does feel much colder than it really is. I mean 13 degrees is sometimes the high in Chicago and I remember walking to class in that .... but I digress.

I try to limit screen time for Braden.... computer tv and video games. But on days like this it is hard. We still have our token system and it works great but one half hour computer token does not a day fill.

Recently I was introduced to www.starfall.com a phonics reading practice website.... I really like it and I thought I would share it with any of you who might be stuck inside with a 5 year old climbing the walls!

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the girls' moma said...

Starfall is GREAT! We've known about it for a couple of years. Coley's Kindergarten teacher uses it to do Calendar time. She has a huge Smartboard and everything!