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Between Christmas programs at school, debugging my computer, speeching, field trips, gymnastics and practicing gymnastics, shopping, hiding presents, cooking and dentist appointments I was able to visit with some old friends over the past week.

First up is Martha, who moved 2 years ago. But while her hubby is deployed she is spending time with her family in Dallas. She piled both girls in the van and headed out here to Abilene to see ME!!! Just ME!!! We had a great time catching up, laughing and reading tabloid magazines... it was such a treat to hold Claire all day... in Auntie Julie's arms she is a GREAT sleeper. There still in NO picture of Martha and me together... but now at least I have one of her and her girls!

On Sunday I drove around town dropping by some friend's houses to drop off my annual Christmas CD. It was such an indulgence to be able to just sit down and chat for a bit on a sunny Sunday after noon. One of my friends - Amy was not at home. But she was able to come over a few days later. I have known Amy since pilot training. We lived right next door to one another. 3 years ago she moved to Abilene and found a house just around the corner from my place. Her first first year we did A LOT together... and so did our kiddos... I have a whole slide show of them growing up together ... but life happened and even though we live close we got pretty busy. So it was a rare treat that Isa and Amy came over on Thursday and Braden got to play with his friend... aren't they so cute together?

Thursday night brought even another special treat - hangin' with my peeps! I got together with Deanna Leah A'Lisa and La Rae to eat drink laugh share and swap giftys. The time flew by and it was way too short of a visit.... but we all had a blast... I am so going to miss these girls ( my lifeline, my sanity, my joy) when we move.

Me and Leah - the rebels with very specific causes ... HA!!!

La Rae Deanna and A'Lisa ....The ladies from the Hills YO!...... :-)

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