still can't believe my ears

After going to a speech therapy evaluation for Tristan yesterday and being told that he is at a 12 month level for verbal and 16 month level for receptive language I almost jumped out of my skin late in the afternoon when Tristan called for/to his brother using his name for the first time!

Bray! Bray? he said while looking for him....

he has said it a few more times today... so I have stopped pinching myself!


the girls' moma said...

Yay! Yay! I remember hearing J's "Co-wee" for the first time and just keeling over from happiness. It's so special!

Julia Stewart said...

he said it again last night at dinner... he asked for milk, when I went to give him a sip from his glass he said no and then 'Bray'... wanting a sip from Bradens cup!