a long overdue first

Braden's hair had finally surpassed my cutting skills, so I took him to my hair lady so she could shape up his 'do' today.

He was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Not so much about the act of getting his hair cut, but more because it was 'mom's hair place' and not the Kool Cuts for Kids place.

Needless to say that after MUCH attention from all the girls at the salon with praise about his pretty eyes and lovely hair... the lollipop sealed the deal. He told me that he really liked it a lot and would like to come back... or at least that is what I think he said... it was hard to tell with a lollipop jammed into his gob!

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the girls' moma said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Yes, he does look quite apprehensive in that shot. And I can't tell-- is that shot before or after the cut? If it's before, then you need to post the after!

There was a girl in my class with a lollipop the other day and it made me think how long it's been since I've had a good Blowpop or Dum-dum. Quite a while.

I restrained myself from stealing hers.

Julia Stewart said...

it is an almost after shot.... she just had a few more touches to do... I didn't want it short, I just wanted it shaped up a bit!
she is AMAZING!!!