For my Auntie

For bloggers there is something for the month of November.... where you are supposed to post everyday. I have never done it before, nor do I understand where this phenomenon came from or even what it is called...

I was on the phone with my Auntie the other day, she said she misses us and the kids and wished that we lived closer. I agreed. She went on to say that she checks for pictures on my blog and my picasa site everyday.

That got me thinking.... I am going to try and post a picture of the boys everyday for the next month..... for my Auntie - who I love very much!

Each picture will be a day behind the post... since I posted on the first about Halloween. This was taken yesterday as we were leaving to get in the car to go to Lowes (we are working on redoing our bathroom). Braden got these eyeball glasses at a Halloween party and Tristan thought it would be fun to try them on. This is Braden trying to help keep them on while I take the picture of T.


Anonymous said...

fm auntie
thank you with all my love.

the girls' moma said...

Oh man, those eyeballs are creepy! But Braden in the back, helping hold them on is HILARIOUS!

Good luck with the bathroom! If the other one is any indication, I'm excited to see the end result!

Dava Lynn said...

Yea for a post and pics everyday!!