In the past 24 hours I have:

Sat in the ER waiting room with a friend for 3 hours.

In said waiting room watched a young boy with a visibly broken arm quietly cry in pain while waiting to be seen (for over an hour). My mother heart was breaking with each moment that child suffered

After leaving the ER after 2 more hours (and with NO answers for my friend) I ate McDonalds and then spent the night being up awake and sick (because of the McDonalds).

Watched/heard a dog get hit by a truck in the dead of night (the truck did not stop). Brought the dog back to the owner (still alive) and then cleaned up the dogs blood from Deanna's car (baby wipes will get out anything).

Got my boobs smooshed between a foam pad and plastic plate (twice on both boobs - for good measure I am sure).


The Walters' Family said...

Did one of Deanna's boys get hurt? Is he okay? You are an amazing friend to have waited with her. I hate the ER...so cold and sterile. I can't believe he had to hurt so long before someone was able to help.

Julia Stewart said...

NO !!! Deanna's boys are fine... I was with a different friend and the boy was completely unknown to me.

There were other people at the hospital with us. Everyone is fine now.

Deanna just happened to be the one to drive me home after all that and that is when we saw the dog get hit RIGHT in front of my house

AMANDA said...

Tell me the dog's okay!?!

Julia Stewart said...

The dog (Minnie is here name) was able to walk, but she was bleeding from a paw and her jaw. I went back to the house the next afternoon to check on her, but no one was home, and I did not see her in the yard. So I am not sure if she was at the vet or just in the house.
Although these are not the same people I have blogged about before, they are notorious for not knowing where there dog is. I have returned her a few times to her house and my neighbor has also. When I showed up on their doorstep at 11pm with a bloody dog I hope that shocked some sense into them. The dad is a police officer.... I am assuming he knows that it is unlawful to have your dog running around unsupervised .... but then again maybe not.