speach therapy

I have been trying to keep up with Tristan's words here on this blog. But just in the past few days they are coming at a wild rate. Which, is a good thing, it means that I really don't have to record his progress as much anymore. He is attempting two word sentences and works at imitating others. He even said door bell today!

At breakfast I pointed out the cow on the milk container for Tristan. Like a good mom I said "Cow.... Cow.... C C C OOOOOW. The cow says moooooo..........can you say mooooooo." Then I started to laugh.

Thinking about speach, language development and toddler milestones I knew that it would be asked at a doctors appointment if he knew the sounds of animals. It is sort of a touch stone of development that I have noticed in my few years of being a mom. Now, don't get me wrong... I am sure there is good reason to teach these sort of things and the whole ability to process the image, remember the name AND THEN remember the sound and imitate it shows some very complex import thing that kids need to know....

But today at the breakfast table I just laughed to myself thinking.... When have I ever needed to know what animal makes what sound. It was never on a test, I don't use it in my daily life it seems just like fluff to fill .... why don't I say something like " 5... the number 5...... F F F I VE.... is a prime number... Can you say P P P PRIME?"


The Walters' Family said...

When I saw your title "speach therapy" I couldn't help myself, but tell you it is spelled with two "e"s. You corrected it in your entry. It is just funny, because I can't count the times you corrected the way I would say things or the word I chose to use. It is like the heifer thing. I'm usually never smarter than you. LOL It just reminded me why I love you and what made you unique.

Julia Stewart said...

Thanks Dot LOL :-)

Sometimes I type so fast that I don't proof read as I go.

BTW - do I get to see you when you come to Abilene ? when was that again?

Jen said...

That got me! Too bad I can't try that with my next one. Oh, right there is no next one. pppriiime... funny , funny.