each year it gets harder

Each year it gets harder to watch the news, harder to watch certain movies, to read certain books. I don't deal with tragedy and heartache as well as I use to.... more accurately - the older I get the more I UNDERSTAND those feelings and I am no longer able to 'tune it out' ... it's just not entertaining.

Today is no different. September 11th gets harder and harder for me each year. I think about the people who lost their friends and family. I think of families of the hijackers... how they lost their sons... even before they died... I think of the people who have died in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan for the people wrongly prisoned, for reporters like Daniel Pearl... for his wife.... his child....

It just goes on and on in my brain... the inter-connectedness of everyone .... others pain results in our own pain... etc etc.... I can't understand the desire for others to dominate someone else... to be violent... and that is what this day reminds me of... and each year.

Watching United 93 on TV last night I kept waiting for "Bruce Willis" or "Wesley Snipes" to jump up and save the day... to start running down the aisle kicking asses and taking names. The preparedness of the hijackers seemed to be their only bit of power they had.... when the passengers started to realize that this wasn't going to end with a peaceful landing they started to organize and catch on quickly ..... they had more than enough manpower to overtake the bad guys.... they just needed more time. During the fight scenes all I could think of was "we shouldn't be getting rid of the nail clippers and the chapstick... but handing people knives and pepper spray when the get on board"..... The passengers looked so weak and helpless.... so peaceful.

What would you say if you had to make that call, from a plane early in the morning while madmen stand just feet away from you with bombs and knives pointed at you.... what else is there to say but 'i love you'

this is what I wrote last year... I still love the idea that little ol' me can be a part of the interconnected web of people... to stop the 'trash talk'

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Writes Like A Girl said...

I feel very much the same way. I can barely stand to watch the news. The beginning of this war made me really reconsider how I felt about war, having a child made me reevaluate everything. And I decided that unless our 'represenatives' would send their own children, they have no business sending ours.