can't friggin' stand it

I will not get into an argument over politics.... with anyone. I vote, you vote then it will all get decided. I don't feel the need to hash out my reasons for voting for my candidate with my friends or family. I don't like sending OR receiving emails that lists bullet points about candidates.

BUT!!!! I did want to point out a blog I found recently (while googling 'women vote').

I know that the post is 2 years old... but that doesn't matter. What matters is that someone not only believes this kind of crap... but feels the need to write about it.

Women fought hard for the right to vote. They were arrested, beaten and tortured because of it. I will not sit in silence to anyone who claims that women were created as 'helpers' to men and that we are 2nd class citizens.


So I call on all the women I know.... VOTE!!!! I don't care who you vote for, I don't have to agree with your choice.... but I know you do... you know who you want to vote for... so DO IT. Bring the kids, go early before work starts, go late after work is over, go with a friend, send in your ballot ... do it do it do it!

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Williams Family said...

I read the man's vote. He's trying to get women to vote in a very sick way. He's trying to get women all bothered. He just sees that the number of women not voting is high and he actually wants more women voting. Read the comments.