then and now

I think my Uncle Phil is standing in the same spot as he was 36 years prior when he took the shot of my parents. There were many families sitting and eating on the patio - we just opted to stand further down a bit.... note the Contemporary hotel in both shots and Space Mountain in our picture.

BTW - in the picture of my parents, everyone seems to be in swimming suits....EXCEPT for the lady in a purple leisure suit! Either everyone else was cold... or she was totally burning up in that thing!!!

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Williams Family said...

I love reading about all of this! Did you get my goofy message? Well both of them. The first one and then the second one realizing DUH you're in disney world!?
I'm so excited that you guys got to go. Can't wait to hear all about it. Loving the pictures!
That is so cool how you took a picture in the same spot as your parents. Awesome!