at 7am

this morning was a tough one for Braden. He came to bed with us sometime in the middle of the night and when his fidgeting got to be too much for me I sent him back to his own room - and by sent I mean carried/dragged.

at 6:30 he came back telling me it was morning....10 minutes later he came back to tell me it was morning and that I should get up 10 more minutes later he yelled at me that I should get up.

Mason got out of bed at 7 and went to talk to Braden... about respect, love, feelings etc... Braden kicked him in the ankle while they were walking to a time out in his room. Mason sat him down in his chair and began another dialogue about using words, making good choices etc etc and Braden responded by slapping his father in the face.... TWICE.

Now at 8:15am crises is over, tears, hugs and apologies are in the past and we are all made up....

but my heart is still heavy on the inside..... what in the world is going on with B..... ? Why are we not able to communicate better with him.... what on Earth induced him to slap his dad... TWICE!

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