After 4 years of friendship and living just a street away from one another, my friend Nora is moving. She called me on Tuesday to say she was coming over to get a picture of us together.... the first thing I thought of was "damn! that means I am going to have to put make up on."

It was early and so our photographer was Braden.... we took smiling picture, then Braden instructed us to be silly. We made a face and she shook his head "NO! Not like that... like this." with his fingers in his ears.....

Nora and I laughed... "This is a better representation of us anyway."

I totally agree.... very blog worthy
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Robyn said...

OMG, I know her (well...kindof). Her daughter and Anna were in dance class together. She even game me a pair of Emma's (i think that was her name) old ballet shoes for Anna to grow into. She told me she was moving and didn't want to pack them. Abilene is such a small town!!

nora said...

Hiya J!!!! LOVElovelove the pic!

We're here. I still don't have e-mail becasue of server issues, but I have internet.

I miss you like mad. So much to tell you. I'll send an e-mail fromm Yahoo account with the new addy and phone numbers. Love ya!