I can't stand watching a tv show and right in the middle of it the local weather guy comes on to tell me of some storm that is headed my way. In all of the places across the country I have lived and all the storms I have been told about I have never had that actual storm (being talked about) effect my area.

I have been a part of a lot of storms. Where I had to take shelter, or I had to evacuate or the power went out. But never late at night in bed while I am watching my shows. If there was a storm that was so bad as to need to seek shelter or evacuate I knew about it WAY in advance.

So I have always view weather guys as complete UN-necessary interruptions. Can't they just put a crawl across the screen with the info? Or split the screen and show us the radar picture. Why do they have to talk for 10 minutes about the impeding weather.

With DVR it has just become worse. Now I watch shows that I recorded days after they aired live. So on a Tuesday afternoon my shows (especially the ones that NEVER get repeated) like Dancing with the Stars gets interrupted by the weather guy from 3 nights ago. Drives me nuts! I feel like I am getting ripped off... If I pay for cable I should be able to SEE the shows on cable!

Damn! I should have just watched it on the Internet!

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