the real world - literally

Have you watched the MTV show "The Real World" recently? I got sucked in again and have been watching the Hollywood season (which is like number 84 right?).

Do you remember the first few seasons of TRW? Like season 3 with Pedro, Judd, Jo Rachel, Puck, Pam etc? That was a landmark season. Bill Clinton said at Pedro's funeral that because of that show everyone in America could claim that they knew someone with AIDS. It changed how young people saw their world.

But now? We have roommates running around naked, puking and peeing on things, making out in the hot tub and drinking more alcohol that is humanly possible.

My question is. Is this generation of kiddos 21-25 that much different from what we were then, or have the producers just 'up the ante' for ratings?

Either way the result is pitiful. I think both are a bit true. The show which once tapped into the youth culture and delt with seriousness many issues (abortion, racism, AIDS, religion, sexuality) has turned into a joke.

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