more random stuff

Had a great visit with my parents this weekend.

Tristan got stung 5 times by some wasps - long story - he is okay now.

Signed B up for REAL swimming lessons - they start today.

Lined up babysitters for the next two weeks for T while B is at swim lessons.

Started listening to books on tape in the afternoon with B - I love it - he tolerates it.

Mason continues working on the hall bathroom. New paint, new stain on vanity, new lights and sink.

Braden's birthday party (the one with all his friends) is 3 days away... still have done nothing about it yet.

The house is a wreck.


The Incorvaia Family said...


Random I know, but I was checking Candace's blog after she had sent out an e-mail update-- and I saw that you were on her blogs list, so I jumped on over to yours!

How's Abilene treating you--- other than the house being a wreck? =)

I thought of you this past Survivor-- Ozzy cut his hair and hooked up with a lady, as I'm sure you are aware--- =) It reminded me of our random car show pursuit =)

I've just started a blog of my own and am on facebook-- are you on facebook?

Don't have much on the blog thus far, but I plan to update regularly (which could change when my academic year starts again in late August, but I have good intentions none-the-less!)...


Abundant blessings!

Julia Stewart said...

ROCK ON Aubrey! I am so glad to hear from you.... actually I haven't kept up with my Ozzie fettish lately... but I did blog about it a long time ago...check out the post http://juliakstewartsblog.blogspot.com/2007/01/famous-people.html

I can't wait to read your blog!

Leah said...

Hey! When is B doing swimming? I am taking Raina it was too hard for me to find a sitter. Today we ambled around the gym for awhile. See ya Friday.

nora said...

J- Your house is not a wreck. MY house is a wreck. ;)

Please wish B a happy b-day from all of us.

Love you!

Julia Stewart said...

N- thanks for the vote of confidence....

L- B goes to Ms Sherri at 12:30... we got in at the last minute :-)