truth or dare

On a whim the other night I DVRd the Madonna documentary Truth or Dare. I saw it a long time ago as a young teenager. The other night I turned it on and was hit by a wave of emotion. I was caught off guard. All the songs that she sings from her Blonde Ambition tour are in the movie. All of a sudden these songs that I had not heard in YEARS filled my head. For a brief moment I was transported back in time.

I am not talking about the real well known songs... Like a Prayer, Vouge, Holiday etc etc... but the more emotional and obscure...Oh Father, Live to Tell.... and the one that socked me in the gut.... Promise to Try...
It was then that I remembered why I fell in love with Madonna those years ago. I felt such a kinship to her, because she was the only person I 'knew' who had lost her mother (just like mine, to cancer). Her lyrics spoke right to my heart and validated my feelings of grief and confusion. I didn't feel so alone once I knew that someone out there felt the way I did.

I wrote that this January I didn't get to emotional on the anniversary of my mother's passing... I more than made up for it yesterday.

Little girl don't you forget her face
Laughing away your tears
When she was the one who felt all the pain

Little girl never forget her eyes
Keep them alive inside
I promise to try -- it's not the same

Keep your head held high -- ride like the wind
Never look behind, life isn't fair
That's what you said, so I try not to care

Little girl don't run away so fast
I think you forgot to kiss -- kiss her goodbye

Will she see me cry when I stumble and fall
Does she hear my voice in the night when I call
Wipe away all your tears, it's gonna be all right

I fought to be so strong, I guess you knew
I was afraid you'd go away, too

Little girl you've got to forget the past
And learn to forgive me
I promise to try -- but it feels like a lie

Don't let memory play games with your mind
She's a faded smile frozen in time
I'm still hanging on -- but I'm doing it wrong
Can't kiss her goodbye -- but I promise to try

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