love me some leo!

4-6 weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from Leonardo DiCaprio. His name was right there in the upper left corner... no return address though (damm!).
He belongs to the NRDC and the letter was asking me to become a member. I mean, Leo was asking ME to become a member!

Hell YA! Sign me up! I wrote a check for $40 to help save the polar bears, because after Leo (and of course Brad) nothing is as cute as a polar bear!

So today my "free" tote bag came in the mail- yes from Leo with a note on his own stationary. An all natural cotton/hemp bag with Save the Polar Bear logo on it.

I just know that someday somewhere Leo will have the list of members of NRDC in his hand and will be inadvertently touching my name... YUM!

Hey, a girl can dream!!!

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