the classics

One of the best things I liked about being at Liz and Jamey's was that I was a perceived expert on all things baby... I say perceived because I felt like an expert in my own head... I am not sure Liz and Jamey would agree :-)

I knew all about bouncy seats, and midnight feedings, walks in strollers and tummy time. It was so much fun to go to Target and see all the itty bitty baby toys for infants. Playing Auntie Julie I bought a whole bunch for the boys.

One of the things I didn't buy were any Baby Einstein DVDs. One of Liz's sisters had purchased ALL of them in some sort of collection book of DVDs. It had every single Baby Einstein that had ever been made. Like 30 or so movies. I thought we owned a lot at 15 DVDs.

So every morning after breakfast and before nap the boys and I sat down to a 'show'. First up was B.E. Language Nursery. While I was watching something felt 'off'. Some scenes didn't look right to me. I dismissed it and chalked it up to the fact that it had been about 4 years since I had scene it. (my old copy was on VHS and I never replaced it to DVD).

The next day was B.E. Baby Mozart... a classic! I had watched this just recently with Tristan. I currently have an old school DVD that I bought on Ebay a long time ago. So the music starts and I am waiting for the little brown bear with drum to come on the screen.....

He does... BUT it is not the same bear! Different bear...as I watch I notice little things... changes in the toys.... I wasn't going crazy... they changed them!

The reason I only own 15 DVDs is because I refuse to watch the newer ones that were all Disney done. I just don't think they are as good. Neither does Nora. And now Disney has ruined the originals for the next generation.

After our big trip to Target I was opening all the toys and removing the tags. I bought some B.E. soft blocks that I had when Braden was born. When I pulled them out of the box I noticed that they were smaller, not as well made and the textures were different. And even though the green block still had the frog pull leg... the yellow one no longer had the duck quacking.

In 4 years they reduced a really cute toy into a big piece of crap.

Today I boxed up our old B.E. soft blocks and sent them to New Mexico. And I have stripped myself from the title of expert... apparently the world is changing too fast... I am old and out of touch!


The Girls' Moma said...

Well, since my BE videos are all 5 years old -- as old as Braden's -- I hope I have the old ones! I don't want no stinkin' cheap imitations!

nora said...

YOU recommended Baby Neptune to me becasue Owen loves the water. Think I can find it? Heck, no! Grrrr...

If Liz is interested in language type videos for the boys, hook her up with baby bumblebee. ( http://www.babybumblebee.com ) You just can't go wrong with them. :)


(My inner child is saying "I made J's blog! I'm famous!") :D