this past week

Actually the 15th didn't end as sad as it began this year. Monday (the 14th) at MOPS was harder. I cried that day... not the 15th. I think being around my friends and their love made me feel more vulnerable and allowed me to grieve.

The past week or so has been a busy one for me. On Saturday I was in Stephenville Texas for a MOPS Leadership Summit. I spoke to a small group of girls about being the Finance Steering Team member. I had the flu, but other than that I had a great time. I really felt like a 'real person' with education and knowledge and not just 'a mom' with graham cracker gunk on her shoulder.

Sunday I spent all day in bed with above mentioned flu. My temp got up to 103.5 WITH TYLENOL.... by Monday I was functional again.

Monday was MOPS, and Tuesday I was on the evening news to talk about MOPS. ( i will post about that later).

Wednesday was clean up the house and pack day - and Thursday the boys and I flew down to New Orleans (which is where I am now).

Everyday I have new post ideas. I wanted to do a whole post on the MOPS summit, a whole post on the TV news bit and a whole post about the traveling....

I just feel time going to fast. I also feel like you have to be in a posting mood... whatever that is... so even if I have the time I may not have the inclination..... I start to get stressed out that my posts about something are not recorded on the actual day that it happened.... I feel like I am not "doing it right".

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Jen said...

Hey, there's no rules. I missed my sons first and second tooth posts... That should encourage you. Living is much more important than posting, right?

You always do it "just right" in my book.

I'm anxious to hear about the MOPS stuff.