May I have your Attention Please

At this very moment you may be thinking "Wow Julia, you sure are a great mom! I would SO love to support you in your journey.... but what can I do? I am so far away..."

Well dear reader I am glad you asked. If I may direct your attention to the right. You may see something new on my blog... something that wasn't there before....

On April 19th my local MOPS group is walking in the Great Mom's Walk to raise money and create awareness for MOPS.

The money raised goes directly to my group here in Abilene. It helps off set costs of childcare during our meetings, it supplies scholarships to those mother who can't afford to pay dues, it helps our group help others through charity work.

So if you happened to have 10 or 20 bucks lying around I would certainly appreciate them over here.. (hey its tax deductible!)

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