2 bits

Tristan had his second haircut the other day. It was pretty much the same thing as before.... just trimming around his ears and neck... He did have some really long pieces on top that I evened out so that he would have a proper looking mow hawk.

I am a fan of the 'bathtub haircut' as I call it. Named for exactly what it sounds like. A haircut in the bath tub. I discovered this method when Braden was very little. After much trial and error regarding the best place to get a haircut from mom, I deemed the bathtub the best spot.

1. they are so busy playing with the toys that they really don't mind the constant hair combing and clipping of scissors.
2. for babies who can't stand for any amount of time the bath tub keeps a sitting baby in pretty much one spot - they can't crawl away.
3. Their hair is already wet
4. no towel to try and wrap around their neck - no vacuum or broom to clean up the mess

The only downside is that you have to 'catch' the hair as you cut it - or you and the baby will be sitting in itty bitty pieces of floating hair... not so much fun!

Tristan did great (as his brother did in the past) only turning and looking around at me when the scissors got to close to his eye. It was such a bitter sweet moment for me. Remembering doing it with Braden when he was little, thinking about how fast the time between then and now went and being a bit sad to know that in a blink of an eye T will be a big boy and the bathtub hair cut will be no more.

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