18 months and 2 days

While everyone else is out celebrating Earth Day... I threw my own little party today when Tristan started to walk! I didn't think any baby could walk any later than Braden did... but Tristan proved me wrong. My Aunt Karen was especially please that he waited, so that she could see him in action.
Contrary to what every old lady has been telling me, I am NOT sorry that he started walking. I am so looking forward to chasing him around, and for him to start climbing on stuff. I guess it was my own fault though for telling people that he hadn't started to walk yet.... but whatever.
This is BIG STUFF!
The best part of it all was the look on Braden's face watching T walk across the floor. "He's walkin' mama!" Too Cool!


Jen said...

wow! My brother's little one is not walking yet but she's only eight months old. She is, however, pulling herself up to stand at everything. Ryan and Jess were pretty disappointed in her achievements since this is the last baby they're going to have. You want it to last as long as it can and then they go and start reading... "Thanks, Tristan, for thinking of your mother... Now, run like the wind."

Dava Lynn said...

Yea, Tristan!! Too precious!

nora said...

Go, T, GO!!!!!!

LOVE that giggle. How infectious!! :)

Love you!