1 hour of sleep

That is all I am working off of right now. As you might have noticed I fiddled around with my blog last night. Tristan has a fever and was crying in his sleep on and off all night. I watched a little tv and then sat at my computer. I really didn't realize how late it got. I guess I was waiting for T to settle down. But it never really happened. So 2am rolled around and I was as awake as ever. So I watch a movie on IFC. Then it was 5am and Mason was getting up to go to work. I fell asleep at 6 and then Braden got me up at 7. Surprisingly I am doing okay.

I figure now that I have my scanner I should actually try and do some new things on the computer, hence the Braden painting. Also I am feeling much more attached to my blog these days, so I wanted it to be a bit more personal, so I put up some of my favorite lyrics to one of my favorite songs. Why by Annie Lennox. It moves me everytime I hear it....


nora said...

Love that song.

I've been in an Aerosmith mood, of late. "Pink" just makes me grin from ear to ear. :)

Love ya!

Bexxie said...

Awww .. cute painting Braden!!

Hope you and your boys (big and small) are all well :o)