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My friend Natasha is a published writer. She is a mom, a wife an activist. She is amazing. She is one of those ladies where you look at them and think. "she somehow must be getting extra hours in the day from somewhere... she can't just have 24 - She's so productive, creative etc."

She now contributes to a online blog http://www.antiracistparent.com/. This is her article.

I poked around the site for a bit, reading tidbits of postings and came across an article which (on the surface) was about being "an adopted poster child" but by the end was about sharing ones experience.

I am not a writer. Although I now write. I am a talker, but that gets me into trouble too. So when I find an other's words that truly articulate how I feel, I am grateful to be able to use them in expressing myself.

Jae Ran Kim writes: Those of us who share our stories willingly do so for many reasons.
Not so that others can criticize us.
Not so that we can be told our feelings are not valid.
Not to be shamed or called names or argued with.
But because we want to share our experiences, in the hope that someone else may recognize themselves in our stories –
– and know that they are not all alone.

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Natasha said...

Hey girl-

Thanks!!! Sending lots of love to my bestest freshman cheerleading buddy. (My friends now think I'm joking, but you and I have the photos to prove it. Maybe I should dig one up...)

The resource site is just about done too (probably tonight). I'll keep you posted.