Worms Roxanne, I was afraid of Worms!

It has been raining here on and off (mostly on) for at least 5 days. Now, I know those of you in the Northwest will think I am being a baby, but for West Texas that is A LOT of RAIN! and rain as you know brings out the wildlife.

In our case it brought out the worms.

Braden had his last day of school on Tuesday. So, as we were getting into the car (yes I know it is a mini van, I call ALL forms of transportation cars) he noticed a few worms that had beached themselves on our driveway. I was just grateful that they were still alive and kicking. There is nothing worse than those dead dehydrated looking jerky worms (although my chocolate lab would disagree). Braden was thrilled (to say the least). We watched the worms for a bit and talked about them. He pointed out the mommy worm, baby worm and daddy worm(which was bigger). He started to get concerned that we would run them over while backing out. They must be moved! Save the worms! To my knowledge Braden has never picked up a worm. He has handled other insects and bitty creatures...just not worms. So being the dutiful mom that I am I set about showing him how to pick up a worm with out squishing it.

I would not consider normal worms to be fast. Most worms when you pick them up, wriggle just a bit then kinda go limp until they are set back in the dirt. So when the "daddy" worm started to SPAZ out when I tried picking him out I FREAKED out.

Side Note: being a military wife and having Mason gone, I have to endure dealing with MANY bitty creatures; spiders, crickets, wasps, fire ants (the list goes on) - and during my interaction with them I always contain my composure so as to not frighten Braden.

But this worm was different... he spazed out and freaked me out and I jumped and screamed, which in turn totally freaked Braden out. I laughed (he did not) and I told him that I was okay and that he just startled me. But that did it for Braden, if those worms were going to be moved it was going to be Momma, not him.

So I moved all of the worms from the driveway to the grass. It was horrible. They wriggled. They were wet and slimy. UGH... worms....

But Braden was very happy that the worms had been saved... and off the record, I was a bit proud of myself... as my Aunt Karen always says "it is amazing what we can do when we have to"

Wiser words were never spoken!

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