Up Late

My last post came via You Tube... but it took a few hours to actually get to my blog. So the 2AM time stamp is misleading, it was probably more like 8pm :-)

That being said.... I still don't sleep, and if I sleep I don't sleep well. Every little noise wakes me up. Tristan wakes me up, Braden wakes me up, the dogs wake me up. And I dream. I dream ALL night. Intense long dreams. Some are great - others scare the SH!T out of me. Sometimes I will have to ask Mason if something really happened in real life, or was it a dream I had ... which brings me to my next point.

I never sleep well with Mason gone. I am not scared per se... I know the dogs will alert me. But there is something about being the only adult in the house that makes me feel like if I am sleeping than I am not "on watch".

Regardless... never you fear, even if I was up at 2AM I would not be blogging.... Watching movies yes... blogging no!

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Googie baba said...

Hey Julia, is it difficult having your husband in the air force, sleep wise? I mean, I'm sure its difficult on a lot levels. My partner is a nurse, so I experience a lot of the same thing. Every few weeks she works night shifts, so I have to get used to being alone with my son. Its helps me to have a dog because I figure that dog will always be more alert than I am.