Get the urge for going

How much longer do you guys have here?

I have been getting asked that a lot lately. I guess people have started to notice that we have been here awhile, or with Mason being in training they are thinking that there is a new adventure on the horizon for us.

I have no idea...most likely we will move in about a year... but Mason could get orders after he gets back.

That is my answer every time. I really have no idea what lies in store for us. I don't have an opinion on location or anything like that. I have NO control over the process, so I just sit back and let the current take me where ever it leads.

That being said. The bug has been planted. Wanderlust has set in.

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martha.durham said...

Careful what you wish for. :) I too had the same experience and look where I ended up.... I hope the wait is not too long.
Congrats on Tristan sitting up-he is getting so big!
I miss you lots!