I am so old

Today my friend Jen just shared some awesome news. I posted a congratulations and signed it 143. I don't think she will know what it means, but she'll figure it out.

Do you know what it means?

If you were 18-25 when pagers were are the rage you do.... ah, pagers! I never had one, but I had friends who did. How cool it felt to get a page... "I am important! Someone needs me NOW!"

Oh, I always wanted one. Anyway...with pagers you would enter your phone number and then a number code... like 911 (means important hurry) and 143 which stands for I Love You....

I am so old and such a dork

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Jen said...

You are correct in your assumption about me. I did not have a pager. They were such the rage. I sure am going to miss you. It seems a little easier leaving friends from the NW because I knew I would be back and I knew I would visit. Will I be back in Abilene? (Silence) I don't know... Maybe for Lectureship at ACU!

I did decide, though, that you will definitely come see me. You and your traveling sons. What are you going to do when Masons away? I won't be around to spend the night and you might get tired of just visiting that same old family over and over and over. So, that's why you're going to come to beautiful Bellingham, Washington! If you start out in Texas you can either fly 4 hours east or four hours west. Same, same. As soon as I move out of a cardboard box I am giving you my address and you can book the flight!