Super Heros

After watching Spider-Man the other night I got to thinking.

My thought was "there are no Black superheros" at least none that I could think of...Superman... Spider-Man... Batman & Robin... Wonder Woman... Supergirl... The Green Lantern.... even in the comics that have made it to the big screen Dare Devil, Ghost Rider, Spawn... the list goes on. All WHITE!

Now it is true that I am not a superhero comic book aficionado... so it is quite possible I am missing someone... but I think you get my point. All the biggies are white.

How odd it must be for a black person (or Asian or bi-racial person etc) to sit in the theater watching all white characters. There must be a sense of disconnect... no real ownership of the reflection.

And any "colored" or "cultural" movie is set apart as different: I've seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (aka that Chinese movie) or Freida (that Hispanic movie) even Boyz in the Hood (that Black movie).... you get my drift. They are all special movies, sprinkled in with the "regular" ones.


How terrible!

A few days later I was talking to a family member about my thoughts. They said " well, they are used to it, and they have other heroes... Denzel Washington for example he is a real life hero."

I replied "Never mind"

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Natasha said...

Hey girl-

Great thoughts. I have them all the time when I am trying to choose DVDs for my kids that remotely represent our family's Native American, African American, and European American heritage.

One note: the word "colored" (in reference to people or films) is an antiquated and controversial word. Most people of color would probably take offense.

I love all the stuff you're thinking and blogging about lately (like this and the anti-consumer stuff). It's right up my alley.