Date Night

On Saturday Mason and I went on a date! We had a wonderful time. First he took me to La Crepe Nanou . A little local joint that serves provincial French food. They don't take reservations so we got there right when it opened. Good thing too, it had a line waiting outside when we arrived (on foot). It was laid back and funky- a great spot. I had a crepe, he did not... I should have followed his lead. I was trying to be adventurous and local, trying something new (Liz would be so pleased). But alas, it just fell a bit short. It wasn't the restaurant's fault. I just don't like French food as much as Mason does. But the ambiance and company and wine were all top notch!

After that we hitched a cab to the French Quarter and Cafe Du Monde. I had a hankering for some beignets. The Cafe is a New Orleans tradition and landmark. Which means now, it is over run with tourists. Nevertheless I had not been in forever, and this was Mason's first time so we went. They place was PACKED! People everywhere. Tables littered with cups and napkins. Waiters in their paper hats and bow ties running to and from the kitchen in a sweat. Big trays of orders with coffee and water. We opted for the take-out window and while waiting in line for over 20 minutes Mason (surveying all the hub bub) grumbles "these have GOT to be some kick ass beignets" For the record, I think that they are awesome... Mason not so much....they are essentially fried dough with powdered sugar DUMPED on them. They come 3 to an order in a little white bag. As you eat you try to hard to keep your shirt and hands clean, but you can't... and it doesn't matter.

After that we went people watching for a bit. The French Quarter is the perfect place for that. We even braved Bourbon Street for a while... but we quickly grew tired then went home. We are old ... we will save the champagne for Vegas!

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