My life is very comfortable. My bed, my couch, my car. Everything is climate controlled. I have enough clothes to be warm. My shoes fit perfectly. My food is always safe and available 24 hours a day. I can choose to cook or have food ordered directly to my door. My clothes are washed AND dried by machines. My kids have their own beds, blankets pillows. They have their own ROOMS. They have enough food that if some falls on the floor it is thrown away. My dogs have their own food bowls and separate beds. They have their own doctor if they get ill.

My children know no suffering. No disease, death or pain. Their tummy's are full every night. Their bathrooms are stocked with every medicine available. They have more shoes than they know what to do with. Their greatest tragedy is that their bath water is too cold or too hot.

Oh, did I mention we have indoor plumbing? INDOOR! I can have fresh clean drinkable water rain down on my body for as long as I want and at the PERFECT temperature. My toilet has a nice seat on it, and will flush away any yuck with a push of a lever... did I mention that the waste is carried away with perfectly safe drinking water? Which I do not drink. I buy special water from the store to drink.

There are no rats or mice in my home. Not even an ant. No fleas or frogs.

I have communication with my love ones. Regardless of what their religion or opinions are. We can all travel to see each other whenever we want. We can pick up the phone and hear their voice. Even while my husband is at war I can see and speak to him over the computer. I know where all my family lives. No one is missing, everyone accounted for.

I have so much time on my hands that at night I lay in my bed watching OTHER people entertain me, and if I am displeased with a particular event, I can rid it from my sight with a push of the button.

Total comfort.