You have two choices...

For awhile now when communicating with Braden my sentence always begins " you have two choices". They both lead to the same outcome (of course) but I have been told that it gives him the sense of freedom and choice and the inability to say no... which is true, most of the time.

At nap time still to this day I will say "you have two choices... you can walk, or I can carry you." He would answer me with " carry you". Which I always thought was very cute. His imitation of the words that he did not understand.

All of that has now changed. Just a few weeks ago (since Dallas) I have noticed that when asked he now says "carry me". He just learned it all on his own! And at some point started answering me in the correct way.

My son who was baby that became a toddler has taken that next step to being a KID! (as my friend Jen would say "single tear")


Flea's Thoughts said...

Ok I had say hi because I just got over here and wanted to say what a small world. I am from the Abilene area (sort of) closer to San Angelo. Howdy!!!!

I think giving him an option teaches him that there are choices. Every choice has consequences (good or bad) and later in life you will be able to lay it out that he can choose a or b but they both have consequences. Good consequences are easier :)

Jen said...

It's sad when they fix their words. I know we don't want our children to say bemember in Jr high but... It's still hard. Even at this moment I can't figure out if Izzy has switched from saying "Hold you" to "Hold me."

New thought: We need to watch "That Thing You Do". And maybe even "You've Got Mail." When can we do that?

annie said...

oh, that's a fun stage. The grammar mistakes come now, too, since they aren't repeating sentences they've heard in similar contexts but making their own. Apparently you shouldn't correct the grammar mistakes now (wait for 6 or 7) b/c they'll get the impression that this experimenting is wrong. This is advice from What's Going on in There (Elise Elliot), so take it with its grain of salt and all.