Theory 101 - Only Child

We all love hearing stories from our parents about when we were little children. All that silly stuff that kids do, all that cute stuff infants do. After we get married we love hearing stories about our spouse. Both my father and mother -in- law tell the same ones over and over again... and we all chuckle and blush and all that junk.

When I had just one child I thought that these stories were so unique to me. That each one showed how even at a young age I displayed the certain personality traits as I do now. I thought each child was so DIFFERENT. Now that I have Tristan and spent much more time around little ones than I had ever had in my life I have changed my opinion.

When Braden was an infant he loved looking at ceiling fans and lights. "Look!" I would say "He is just staring a hole in those lights, isn't that precious" I thought it was so unique. Come to find out EVERY infant stares at ceiling fans and lights...

Obviously being exposed to just one child limits your understanding of children in general. Was it me all these years that was misunderstanding these stories or did my parents really think that my behavior was so unique?

I listen to those stories now with a different ear.

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