Surgeons got nothing on MOM!!!

Last night I was trying to trim Tristan's fingernails. I feel like it is a never ending task. It seems like once they are the right length it is time to do it again. Sitting on the couch with him lying in my lap facing me I remembered the first time we tried to clip Braden's fingernails.

In an effort to balance the care of the child and keep the dad in the loop both Mason and I had decided that he would be in charge of baths and nail trimmings (not unlike the dogs really). Braden was about a week old and Mason sat down to the task. But he only got 3 fingers in when "OW!" he clipped down to far and Braden started bleeding. Mason put down the clippers and has not touched them since. So it has been my task.

So here I am with a sharp instrument pointed at my sons flesh and he is none the wiser. Wiggling around I am trying to hold his hand still while his foot keeps kicking my wrist. I thought, "why are surgeons so highly thought of? all of their work is done on a PERFECTLY still body!" That is nothing compared to this... the words of my mother in-law ring in my ears... "I used to clip Mason's nails while he slept)".... I don't know which would be harder.... doing it while he is awake or trying to do it while he sleeps....

No matter - it is done for now. I think I am going to put a certificate on my wall stating how nimble and agile I am. Now if I could just pull in the 6 figure pay check!!!

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