and now you know!

This is my dad... At some point I am sure I will write a whole post about him, but now I just wanted to share his words regarding my Dealey Plaza post. (it is in the comments, but I know not everyone checks them.) As I have gotten older I have found out more and more truths about my dad that previously were unknown... here is yet another one!
I don't think I ever thought the photo with the gun was a forgery. But I did have a direct involvement with the assassination. I think it is okay to reveal it now. When I was living in Dallas in 1965-1967, I was a student with a part-time job driving a taxi and a radio station news cruiser. It had a huge sign on the top with hundreds of light bulbs which would spell out the latest news headlines scrolling like a ticker-tape. My "job" was to drive around town and be seen. One day I decided to park in a left turn lane at a light. It was a new-fangled light that did not illuminate the green arrow unless it sensed motion. So it turned green once, and I just parked there. Until someone else came up behind me, I just sat there and let the fast-moving traffic be distracted by my news truck. One guy wasn't looking where he was going and smashed into the car in front of him. I never did that again. But I digress. Shortly before leaving school for good and moving to California in January of 1967, I crawled into the back of the van, and copied those famous words into the teletype machine which would make their way to the moving lights on the roof, "Jack Ruby dies in jail". Yes, that was me, I admit it. I actually typed those words for all the drivers in Dallas to see. It was I who informed them that we would never get it from the horse's mouth that he was paid to shoot Oswald. I have lived with that for all these years. And now you know. -Dad

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