I will never own a mini van....

And by "never" I mean NOW!
As if planning for a 5 day long Dallas trip was hectic enough... I also thought I needed a brand new car too!
A friend of mine came over to visit me last week. She had just been in a car accident a few months earlier. She was trying to turn at a very popular intersection here in Abilene (one that I go through DAILY). She got T'd by a truck who thought he should be turning at the same time. She said "the only thing that saved me where my side airbags". I thought, yeah of course.... then in the same breath I realized that the Lexus did NOT have side airbags. That there was only 3 inches of metal between my children and what ever idiot driver was out on the road scared the living daylights out of me.
Mason and I had been talking (and by talking I mean arguing) about what kind of new car we should have. We discovered along time ago that Mason hated the Lexus (don't ask me why I still don't understand it) and that any car he really wanted to have was WAY out of our budget. So now he drives our Yukon.... I thought it was better to just deal with the Lexus for a little while longer.
Side Note: I love shopping... I HATE shopping for cars! Can't stand reading about them, deicing on features, the phrase "trim level" makes me cringe. There are too many cars out there to chose from. I don't care what my car says about me... but I do care how much I paid for it and how useful it will be. I do NOT have any sort of car savvy. I am very un-American in my dislike for cars...I know this about myself. I have accepted it as just another in a long list of things that makes me "special" :-)
So over the course of the talks Mason and I would have about cars I would just list my likes and dislikes...well I didn't realize that what I wanted as a car didn't exist. I broke it down like this
1. Safety 2. utility 3. mpg 4. style which after all was said it done turned out to be a minivan.
Long story short (too late)... I went to Ebay, found the car, got the loan drove to Dallas and the dealer drove from Houston (yeah! for free! try getting that with a regular dealership), Mason met with the dealer and switch out the cars. I didn't lay eyes on it until the next day! Didn't even drive it until yesterday when we drove back home (yeah... I really just don't care about cars).
Braden loves it though (has a DVD player in it). He keeps talking about "our new minivan that daddy gave you" That pretty much says it all!
In case you were wondering, riding in either a Lexus or Seinna does not have ANY effect on the screaming of a 4 month old...


Jen said...

congratulations! It's really the only way to go! Ben suffered a little at first but ended up very thankful! Can't wait to see it. Let me know when your up for an overnighter. I's probably my turn but I do have children in school, ya know!

larae1983 said...

Awww...welcome to the Mommy Van World. John gets lots of comments from his friends..."Your driving a mini van??". Of course, John isn't one to get embarressed. He LOVES the van and he's proud of it. :) They really are nice and wonderful for trips.